sine desk

chorus rollers telemetry

An instrument that converts the dancer's movements into an audio piece

Sula defrost

Help developing an interactive video piece

Generative Kantele

Exploring mechanical sound to facilitate tuning explorations

Wave fields experiment

A sound experiment that can be used to create sounds

Tuning explorer

A harmony visualization tool inspired in a binary cracking technique

Universal tuner

A tool to delve into other tuning systems

Café­Sa­gra­do website

A web store for a family business.

Hitodama soft robot valves board

Assisting a research project where robotics meet empathy.

Pasv 2 passive mixer

A flexible and portable tabletop mixer.


Reviving a master program's website.

Aalto Online Learning website renovation

Polimod + Calculeitor

A modular environment that lets you to improvise dance music from scratch.

Soft robot arms

Curiosity network

Modular sequencer: First physical prototype

Oca­nie­ma­nights toy

Ocaniemanights album release party

Granular synth exercise


Tzina: Symphony of longing

ROS 3d wall project

Toptal: Web Audio API basics tutorial

Ms Compose 95

Stochastic Ipad instrument


In the box: a game about artificial intelligence evil

rendering examples

Mechanic Synth

Elevators pitch

Text to rhythm synthesizer

Design factorial Webpage

Absurd dictionary

Tag navigation portfolio


Licog composer

3d navigation experiment

PASV passive mixer


Interactive interfaces workshop

Trudev bag

Reepulse concept

Ephi trance shoe

Topic infographic



Walking sequence infographic

Sketching examples (2010)

wake-up poncho