Licog composer



Licog composer is a by-product of the Brocs project. It is designed to compose music visually in an algorithmic fashion, rather than note by note. The system is based on nodes that propagate a time event in a domino effect fashion. Apart from propagating an event, they may either produce a sound, a time of silence, or propagate children nodes in round robin. From these three (two really) types of events, a player can compose pieces of music that contain many layers of repetition with variations, and the resulting musical piece can have many more notes of complexity than there are nodes producing it.

While it was very interesting, I never produced a user friendly version of this software, because it was intended as part of a bigger project. You can, however download the binaries or the source code. I also produced a simple video explaining how you can create a piece using this program.

A version implemented in JavaScript has started, but it is not yet complete. It will allow many players to collaborate on a single composition, and a generally better user interface than the current one.


Go to Sourceforge git repository.  Code is written for Processing.





*Java Required