The music is definitively electronic and dance, but there is always an outsider's undertone to it. Autotel is a statement to do things for the intrinsic enjoyment of it, so there is a lot of sonic and rhythmic hedonism while at the same time there is experimentation and weirdness.

Session in the forest Nº6: TUO TUO

harp automaton, feedback and kaoss pad

Session in the forest Nº7: Polen

Session in the forest Nº8: the barn

Session in the forest Nº5: Dionysus invocation dance

Session in the forest Nº4: Akelarre

Intro dance

Session in the forest Nº3

Session in the forest Nº2: Vent out dance

Nº48: Ngerep

Nº 46

Waldorfo house

Nº20 Espárrago

Nº41 fMiyW3grP-Y Autotel

Eye floaters

Trying sampled strings and a waldorf pulse

Nº51 Autotel

Nº35: midi midi midi midi

Nº21 FM

Nº23: Ance's tree


Nº53 Last night

Sukelluskeskus, Autotel

Winter in the woods, a web experiment

Nº44 WatDagn, music inspired by Underworld

Jam with overtone based harmony and then some ketchup.

Nº36 Migraine trip

Nº31 Violet bubbles

Nº33 Universal Power (adapter, made in China)

Nº45 Autotel

Nº52 Some laid back techno

Ghost composer experiment

Nº50 Autotel

Nº32 Pájaro raro

Nº26 Kuquexifu

Nº53 (the DAW without effects) Autotel


Nº54 New Narayan

Nº28 Summer vibe

Sound sculpting experiment jam Autotel

Nº 49: Américo underground

Nº24 grey nights

Nº43: Giant snakes

Copy of First stream

Nº29 Airo

Nº25 Ojos de ameba

Nº38 Receeding sun

Nº30 Tinnitus. Live weely Autotel

Nº37 A tribute to aphex twin's ambient works

I listened to Loefah too much.

Nº34: 7M0U4 (techno) Autotel

Nº40 3JrDzmhf7-o (techno) Autotel

Fooling around with simple harmonies

Blitter: jam on Ptolemy's 12 tones


Nº27 magia magia magia magia

Nº22 (Southplug)

Nº42: I indulge in making DnB

some crazy web audio experiments

Last night

Nº5 Vampire boots

Autotel: Live Weekly nº17

Autotel: Live Weekly nº19. Not enough of the 90's

Autotel: Live weekly nº3

Autotel: Live weekly nº4 music with a thrift store tape

Nº15 Choppers

Autotel: Jets of truth

Nº18 Pushthrough

Autotel: Live Weekly nº8 continued

Autotel: Blinks

Autotel: Live weekly nº1. Tinnitus in electribe

Autotel: Live Weekly nº16 Polwor's "Happy Sunshine" dark and slow remix

Autotel: Live Weekly nº19 [Extended version]

Nº13 Max_

Nº9 Koxillator

Autotel: Live Weekly nº7

Nº14 Improv with calculeitors

Nº10 hämärä

Autotel: Live weekly nº2. Maschine and electribe jam

Autotel: 2018 12 30 Sonidos X live Santiago

Nº12 Dystopian stuff

Autotel: extracto autotel cafe con cables 8 1

Autotel: Live Weekly nº11. Hacked tape player as instrument

Autotel: Live Weekly nº8

process: sequencer environment design experimentation

Participation at Café con cables


First electribe performance recordings

Danzi & Magenta live electribe recording

16 02 28 electrojam


Lakittomat paskijaiset

Helsinki electrojam

Elevators pitch


Jets of truth


Maker Electrojam

Mild electrojam



Cambowarriors Dance Corp