The music is definitively electronic and dance, but there is always an outsider's undertone to it. Autotel is a statement to do things for the intrinsic enjoyment of it, so there is a lot of sonic and rhythmic hedonism while at the same time there is experimentation and weirdness.

Session in the forest Nº6: TUO TUO

harp automaton, feedback and kaoss pad

Session in the forest Nº7: Polen

Session in the forest Nº8: the barn

Session in the forest Nº5: Dionysus invocation dance

Intro dance

Session in the forest Nº3

Session in the forest Nº2: Vent out dance

Session in the forest Nº4: Akelarre


Nº20 Espárrago

Waldorfo house

Eye floaters

Nº35: midi midi midi midi

Nº21 FM

Trying sampled strings and a waldorf pulse

Nº36 Migraine trip

Sukelluskeskus, Autotel

Nº53 Last night

Nº31 Violet bubbles

Winter in the woods, a web experiment

Nº41 fMiyW3grP-Y Autotel

Jam with overtone based harmony and then some ketchup.

Nº44 WatDagn, music inspired by Underworld

Nº33 Universal Power (adapter, made in China)

Nº51 Autotel

Nº48: Ngerep

Nº52 Some laid back techno

Nº53 (the DAW without effects) Autotel

Nº50 Autotel

Nº23: Ance's tree

Nº45 Autotel


Nº32 Pájaro raro

Ghost composer experiment

Nº54 New Narayan

Nº 49: Américo underground

Sound sculpting experiment jam Autotel

Nº29 Airo

Nº24 grey nights

Copy of First stream

Nº26 Kuquexifu

Nº43: Giant snakes

Nº30 Tinnitus. Live weely Autotel

Fooling around with simple harmonies

Nº25 Ojos de ameba

Nº27 magia magia magia magia

I listened to Loefah too much.

Blitter: jam on Ptolemy's 12 tones

Nº42: I indulge in making DnB

Nº 46

Nº38 Receeding sun

Nº40 3JrDzmhf7-o (techno) Autotel

Nº34: 7M0U4 (techno) Autotel

Nº37 A tribute to aphex twin's ambient works


Nº22 (Southplug)

Nº28 Summer vibe

some crazy web audio experiments

Last night

Autotel: Live Weekly nº19. Not enough of the 90's

Autotel: Live Weekly nº8 continued

Autotel: Live Weekly nº17

Autotel: Live weekly nº3

Autotel: Live weekly nº1. Tinnitus in electribe

Nº5 Vampire boots

Autotel: Live weekly nº4 music with a thrift store tape

Autotel: Blinks

Nº18 Pushthrough

Nº15 Choppers

Nº13 Max_

Autotel: Live Weekly nº16 Polwor's "Happy Sunshine" dark and slow remix

Autotel: Live Weekly nº7

Autotel: 2018 12 30 Sonidos X live Santiago

Nº10 hämärä

Nº12 Dystopian stuff

Nº9 Koxillator

Autotel: Live Weekly nº19 [Extended version]

Autotel: Live weekly nº2. Maschine and electribe jam

Nº14 Improv with calculeitors

Autotel: extracto autotel cafe con cables 8 1

Autotel: Jets of truth

Autotel: Live Weekly nº11. Hacked tape player as instrument

Autotel: Live Weekly nº8

process: sequencer environment design experimentation

Participation at Café con cables


First electribe performance recordings

Danzi & Magenta live electribe recording

16 02 28 electrojam


Lakittomat paskijaiset

Helsinki electrojam


Elevators pitch

Jets of truth


Maker Electrojam

Mild electrojam



Cambowarriors Dance Corp