I am a creative technologist with a lot of experience creating interactive code, sound, and everything in between. I enjoy learning new things and making things that display emergent behaviors.

Let's see if we've got something in common! What are you interested in?

Some things I can do


Find the possible ways to make a technological concept a reality.
Redesign of society wall interactive display
I created a platform for Aalto's ROS research group. I led the client to negotiate with the technology in order to create an interesting platform to present their research in the heart of Helsinki Read more >

Web development

Nova Masters Website
From simple self managed sites to complex interactive applications Read more >


Soft robot arms
I helped to create a soft actuator for a tele-presence robot.

Read more >

Sound and music production

Connect on another level
Autotel live Autotel - last night song video capture

I perform music live, and have many years of experience desigining sounds and performance interfaces. I can help you with anything ranging from an art sound piece, to an extatic dance party

> Watch and listen!

Sound & music experimentation

Check what I have been exploring
math of harmony
self playing and composing harp
sine desk and sound scuptures screenshot

I am very curious about various topics regarding music, interaction and conveyance of meaning through creativity. If you are too, perhaps you'd like to check my Patreon page!

Anything else?

What's on YOUR mind? If you’d like to work with me in a challenge different than any of the explained above, do reach out!