Hi! I am Joaquín, a designer and maker.

I love making sound related experiments and interfaces. I use them to create my own sounds and music. Sometimes they create the music on their own.

Let's see if we got something in common. What are you interested about?


Find the possible ways to make a technological concept a reality.
Redesign of society wall interactive display
Presentation platform for Aalto’s Redesign of society research group. I created a way to exhibit digital contents in an interesting way. I led the client negotiate with the technology to create an interest arousing presentation medium. Read more >


Soft robot arms
I helped a creating a soft actuator for a tele-presence robot.

Read more >

Project visualization

Convey the value of your project in one sight
computer rendering of lumami concept calculeitor prototype Sketch of something assemblable concept rendering of a computer console

I can help you make a compelling presentation of your idea, before it exists. This can help you find funding or partners.

Anything else?

If you’d like to work with me in a challenge different than any of the explained above, do reach out!