Nº 49: Américo underground

I spent some time listening to Quantic, who works with Latin American music topics. It's interesting, because growing up in Chile I always looked up to foreign musical styles, and didn't learn to appreciate the most popular music heard in my own country. A classic mistake. Anyways, this week I wanted to look back and make some "tropical" style piece. I started creating some loop that could have been composed by Américo and then morphed it into something more on my style. I also learned a lot by listening some "chicha psicodélica" style records in youtube.

Another nerdy fact: When I recorded this, Elektron had just released a firmware update for the Octatrack. This update lets one have different tempos on one same project, which I greatly appreciate. I proceeded to end the first musical theme with some pattern using a tresillo percussion. Then the following theme went in a bpm 2/3 faster than the first (or something like that), which consequently takes this tresillo as a quaver (corchea).