Request & problem

This was a two-week project where we were asked to spot a problem and find a product that had potential of success. After some research and lookup; I targeted the problem of reheating food. The most common method of reheating food is by using microwave; but in higher end markets, the loss of food moisture and overall unhealthy feeling of microwave reheating, could be an opportunity for a solution.


The idea of this solution was to achieve the easiness of microwave, applied to the bain-marie technique of reheating. It uses water between the food and the fire, to limit heat to evaporating temperature, and the evaporating water is integrated to the food, without soaking it through a very simple convection system.

The name was taken from a Chilean colloquialism that names foods that have been cooked with leftovers. The word is formed by joining the first letter of the words monday, tuesday, wednesday in spanish, which curiously happens to contain the word "umami" .