I am developing this tool because I needed a kind of flexible agenda that merged project ideas with the day-a-day tasks. Taskstack allows me to never stop working; as when I get stuck with a current project, I can pick up another paused project, and continue it; or take an old idea and start a new project out of it.

It works by having many different channels; and allows writing the required tasks for each different project. There are also different time stacks, which correspond to times: there are tasks to be completed in the same day, tasks that are to be completed during the week and other tasks that can be completed whenever possible. Loose ideas that occur suddenly go there; and are prone to be activated any day.

The most helpful feature of this, is the fast input form, where I can write an idea very fast, and it will appear in the “today” stack as to be reconsidered and sorted when you have time; allowing me to put somewhere these sudden ideas. There is even space for movies I may want to watch some day, and books I would like to read. In the last months I have included the ability to store diffetent user sessions; and I am currently working on that.

Go and see it. You can login with testuser / testuser.


Older version screenshots:

taskstack1_shot taskstack_shot