Ocaniemanights album release party


It was a very nice experience in itself, where all of us enjoyed. It was also for me a good first experience on organizing open parties, and involving other artists. The reception was very positive.

Dj Saboreko played along with Oblique's visuals, I played with visuals from Viiksimaisteri. The tables with all the sound and performance setups were in the center of the space, including visual makers. This made the live action more intimately related to the audience.


Thanks to all who helped me organizing and making this event real: Vapaan Taiteen Tila provided with the space, Camilo Sánchez installed the sound and helped me figuring out how to organize it. Dj Saboreko (Jopo Sḯmeon), who accepted to play; and the vj's Oblique (Sourya Sen) and Viiksimaisteri (Ville Niemi). Their quality works gave a lot of character to the party. I also got guidance from Xavi de la Huerta and Alex van Giersbergen. Thanks to Caleb Rugg, who took care of recording some steady hand videos. Also, of course, many thanks to all who came with their best party mood, many of whom helped me putting order to the place afterward.

Footage and images