After facing frustration while working with two.js; pixi.js seems promessing. This is just a little example in which you can control the bunny with your arrow keys.

By Myrabella (Own work) [Public domain or CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Worryingly there has been a trend towards centralizing software distribution as popularized by the Apple App store, that generates a phenomena of feudal fashioned software fiefs. This is how this kind of software distribution is a change that needs to be understood better by the consumers.

Centralized installations

The greatness of products such as the Apple ones is that suddenly, the users didn’t have to worry about issues that weren’t the direct interest of using their computers: where in windows, to get a functionality (a music player, for example), you would need to go to internet and search in the open internet for if any particular person or company has made a corresponding software, and is serving its download to make it available, and then install it.


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