How are the different modules going to communicate with each other?

OpenSCAD is a freeware that you can use to make 3D models from lines of code. It is good for parametric design, but as you may guess, it is not so intuitive to use. As far as I know, it neither is good with organic shapes (A curious fact: the Utah teapot) but rather works well with orthogonal shapes. I have dared for the first time to use OpenSCAD. I previously did some tiny attempts, with no major success. The code very easily became clumsy. The notes that I will present can help an incoming user to take a comfortable approach into it:

voxborg photo

Brocs is a building block for music. It offers a technological approach to music learning challenges.

pasv passive mixer

I made this passive mixer for the particular need of having a small sized mixer for music live performances. This mixer allows the user to change the effects routing chain while in performance; and being passive, it doesn’t wear out the audio quality; but lowers the audio amplitude.

The PASV Webpage generates itself randomly. Each visit will be different.