How are the different modules going to communicate with each other?

While trying to create a new part for KiCad schematic editor, I found many caveats that took time to sort out. This small guide is to create new libraries for the ones that don’t know yet, or for my future self, when I forget how to do it.

After facing frustration while working with two.js; pixi.js seems promessing. This is just a little example in which you can control the bunny with your arrow keys.

Thankfully programming is becoming a mainstream ability. Knowing how to program is being free to use the predominant tool of today, and freeing yourself from the conditions of an external service for every thing you do. I do this programming workshop mainly based on Processing, but the programming mindset can be applied to any other language: be javascript, C#, or anything you want to learn later.

This workshop works best in groups between 5 and 10 people.