Xiangqi-Chinese-chess” by Endrjuch
Suddenly these twelve guys got all equally dressed in a curious way, met in a grass field, and started running toward a spherical object while making the most impressive yet exotic tricks with the sphere, as I understood, hoping to pass it through one of the rectangular shaped arcs.

Misconceptions about approaching music learning

Joaquin piano 01


To be musician doesn’t mean what you think

A time ago, I made a research on how to enable anyone to play music. This idea was rooted on my own experience around musical learning experience; and I seized the context of my university degree project to think about it. It happened that at music classes in school, I always felt as someone musically handicapped. One of many people that then would have said “I am inborn unable”. But it also happened to me that in the same mindset that has someone who plays a videogame, I started to play with a software called Fruity Loops. I went out of school convinced that I didn’t have skills as musician

Brocs is a building block for music. It offers a technological approach to music learning challenges.