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If the entity or entities of artificial intelligence were to become the sustainer of human life, and also our best friends, how will we, humans find the meaning of being within such a context? We need to provide the new species with the ability to provide humans with a meaningful existence as well.

Dark mirror’s white Christmas is a TV series episode very worth seeing. Photo:

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Since very long ago, humans have either dreamt of having everything done without having to work, or different people at certain point have just taken care of optimizing very particular tasks, one after another. Either case, it seems to be part of the whole world culture that we move towards automatization of our work, replacing human labour by machine labour. The assumption is that it allows humans to partake in activities that make more sense, that are more important, and improve the quality of life for less work. There is a threshold on the progress of automatization of work: thinking, seems to be the ultimate leap where human work will be finally replaced. But once we make machines think like us, effective brain-androids (whose thoughts are shaped like ours) will only our work be replaced, or does it also compromise our identities, and the identity of a whole humanity? I will be writing some of what I have learned and thought in the last couple of years, while living in different places of the world and getting different influences.

How are the different modules going to communicate with each other?

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Original from Toptal

Original from Toptal
“Web Audio API can be quite hard to use for some purposes, as it is still under development, but a number of JavaScript libraries already exist to make things easier. In this case I am going to show you how to get started with the Web Audio API using a library called Tone.js. With this, you will be able to cover most of your browser sound needs from only learning the basics.”

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