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One little step to get rid of electronic music performance totalitarianism

Xiangqi-Chinese-chess” by Endrjuch
Suddenly these twelve guys got all equally dressed in a curious way, met in a grass field, and started running toward a spherical object while making the most impressive yet exotic tricks with the sphere, as I understood, hoping to pass it through one of the rectangular shaped arcs.


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It could be alleged that education is not democratic in our country. The base of social injustice is based in this problem, and it has everyone’s ears tired of hearing again and again the same assertions about the source of this problem. It looks to me of an infinite importance, and as a personal mission, to uncover this conflict stream to read it from other areas. I maintain that education nowadays is a matter of design, and us, designers hold the burden of taking part on it.

Se puede alegar que la educación no es democrática en nuestro país. La base de la injusticia social se basa en este problema, y ya tiene a los oídos de todos agotados de oír una y otra vez las mismas afirmaciones sobre el origen de este problema. Me parece de una importancia infinita, y a modo de misión personal abrir este canal de conflicto para leerlo desde otros campos de discusión. Sostengo que la educación hoy es un problema de diseño, y estamos obligados a tomar parte.

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