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Ocaniemanights toy

Date: 2017.07, Context: For-the-sake-of-doing

Context/ introduction

I made this toy because, while finishing my album, I started to understand that current music making is slowly merging with music listening, as the boundaries of both activities are being blurred by new interaction technologies, and new music distribution technologies. I have also observed a trend where music making tools take stakes more and more towards having a unique, distinctive sound. This trend is odd in the sense that such tools are less versatile; but it makes a lot of sense when we thing of this tools as active music listening tools. This toy is very specific. It consists of a simple musical state machine, with pre-recorded tracks that are looped in sync; in a similar way to how Ableton works or also the Korg Electribes when configured in a certain way.

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instruments animation
The instruments were modeled in blender, in extreme low poly. It will look like an aesthetic decision, but actually it makes it more compatible with lower end computers.

scrshot 007
The initial idea was to be surrounded by an abstract scenery with floating instruments. For me, that the track has some relation with the real presence of music, so I built instead an abstract scenery representing a performance scenario.

scrshot loopita 000
Experimenting with web audio API, for the looping.

The following video is present for documentation purposes, and I encourage to visit the actual online toy before seeing the video.


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