Blink, Autotel



Date: 2016.02, Context: Autotel, Context: For-the-sake-of-doing

The most interesting feature of this song is the simulated metal percussion arpeggio that features complex rhythmic patterns; with a changing harmony. It is combined with the rhythmic features I have been exploring the last time, and at the end there are out of tempo rhythmic figures that are very interesting in house music. I also proceeded with the same mixture of modern sounding percussions and features, with very retro sounds such as Mellotron flute and the sampled string sound (pipa string). The whole intention is to be something between dance house, but to be listenable; the rendered version is aimed to listen, but the patterns can be easily repeated in the context of live Dj’ing.

The video doesn’t have any particular intention, but to have a placeholder image to the music. I converted the whole Reaper file into midi events, customized them for visual purposes and fed them to the Maschine controller, so it displays the events in sync with the song.

I used Cockos Reaper as the main DAW, using Maschine for most of the sample handling.

Instruments, samples and effects:




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