How to create a custom Kicad library component, Autotel


How to create a custom Kicad library component

Date: 2016.11

While trying to create a new part for KiCad schematic editor, I found many caveats that took time to sort out. This small guide is to create new libraries for the ones that don’t know yet, or for my future self, when I forget how to do it.

Step by step:


This is where the trap is. The most logic following step, is that you include your new library with the preferences > edit component libraries. If you do this, you will be able to find your newly created library, but when you place it; it will load the library from where this file was created. As well explained in the video that I am taking as source, is that KiCad uses not a filename as reference, but uses a name that is written in the component name. This is why when you load your library file, it searches in the library database, and finds first the original component.

The video I am citing recommends to change the order of the libraries list. I didn’t like this idea because then you will no longer have the first component available. This are two last steps I did instead:

The nice thing now, is that I can make much faster editions by using text tools such as regular expression text replacement, or multi-line edit, instead of pointing each pin and changing pin names.


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