Espoo mini makerfaire, Autotel


Espoo mini makerfaire

Date: 2015.10

I presented the mechanic synth on the Espoo mini-makerfaire. It was a great instance to know more of the great people that are around Helsinki; doing lots of interesting things; it is also a great way to get in contact with people with similar interests.

The presentation

For this faire, I made a new prototype of the Microseq; and just showed the mechanic synth as it was.

microseq 81 finished connected


microseq 81 connected to mechanic synth

Other stands


Mechakit had a stand with a selection of materials, and anyone could build his own thing. I couldn’t give myself time to try it, but saw some really interesting things from there around.


Aalto Fablab

They had a plastic filament maker, and a pick and place.


Hackerspaces from finland. There were the littlebits from korg, and an amazing analog pong, between many things.



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