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Mail: (gmail) joaquin.aldunate

Joaquín Aldunate

Current location:
Uusimaa, Finland.


Spanish and English

Professional statement

I am inspired by the design of deep experiences. These are the ones that encourage a divergent use or interpretation from the user, and affords emergent behaviors; like for example, programming languages or building toys. A deep user experience design problem is concerned with the creation of a rich creative environment, that offers many dimensions that can be explored. The interest is how, with simple interfaces, a multi-dimensional reality can be created in the minds of the user. Through this type of design, we can grant meaning to our actions, attain deep learning and also produce conscious, positive changes in the culture.

A combination of disciplines and deep experiences, conform a single an unique ability to create. As a professional I feel comfortable with a broad set of skills that lets me explore many different thematic areas. Personally I believe that the position of a designer, is to have such an unique view, that will not be found elsewhere. This uniqueness broads the capacity to understand other’s views such as the one of a user, a customer, or a co-worker. A unique view also a special point of view that enables new ways of thinking about how to improve our lives.



Developing the Virtual Modular Environment and the Calculeitor hardware.


Exchange student, in Kyushu University, Japan. Friendship Scholarship.


Development freelancer, and student at Aalto Media lab.


Student MA in New Media Design and Production, at Aalto University, until now.
Research assistant Aalto Media lab.


Freelancer & maker. several projects, services and workshops with Santiago Makerspace
Volunteer in Fundación las rosas.


Co-founder Design Factorial. An industrial design product development for scale production, integrating engineering and design tools.
Co-founder Apix, a startup that aims to sell innovative agricultural products.
Finalists Aji Challenge, With the Apix project; we went to MIT’s media lab to show the project.


BA Industrial Design. with distinction in thesis project: Brocs, an educational electronic building block
Intern at Micrologica, a hardware development office.


Finalists in ATM Polincay prize, With the Rudik table group project

Development skills

Design drawing and sketching

Apart from being enjoyable, drawing is a great tool to communicate fast. It also has proven handy when I need to think about more complex things than a brain alone cannot.


Prototyping is the core of the design process. Prototypes are a challenge between the wanted ideas and the physical presence of these. Sometimes, ideas turn out to be impossible, but the prototypes themselves will also provide the alternative path. This process makes the difference between just an idea, and a real design.

So far I have experienced prototyping with digital embedded electronics, computer assisted PCB design, textiles, movement of fluids, CNC machining, folded sheet metal, user interaction, sound and programming.

3D CAD modeling

Cad modeling, apart from giving an attraction factor to a project, is the medium to prototype objects in machines of high precision, or even into mass production.

Production skills

Web programming

I have some experience programming PHP with basic implementations of MySql, using HTML. I don’t make fast and tidy code, but rather try and retry several times until I get the desired result. I also have quite some experience with Javascript, with a focus on interaction.
See some examples

Media production

I make music and some other experiments involving programming, just for the sake of doing. (examples)

CAD/3D modeling


Programming & similar

Sound and music

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